Sunday, October 18, 2015

Halloween Memory 2007

Since Halloween is approaching, I would like to recount my memory of the last time I ever dressed up. It was October 31st, 2007. I was in middle school and we had plans to go trick-or-treating with friends early that evening. Halloween was on a Wednesday that year which made it a school night. I knew I wouldn't have enough time to get ready when I got home from school. So the night before, I put temporary pink streaks in my hair. When I got to school the next day, I was pulled out of the classroom and cornered by my teachers to ask why I had dyed my hair. I explained that it wasn't permanent and I didn't have time to do it when I got home. My teachers told me it was against the dress code and it was not a natural color which was specifically in the handbook. The sad thing was, mine washed out! There were other kids in the school who had permanently dyed purple or red streaks in there hair. So I figured I was okay. Nope. It was still kind of early in the school year as well. We had been in session for maybe two months total and I was already getting in trouble. Now, I was that kid that if they got scolded by a teacher I would feel embarrassed, humiliated and there was a good chance I could possibly cry. I always tried to be quiet and out of the way. So after I got home from trick-or-treating, I searched for my handbook. There was not a damn thing in it about unnatural hair dye. Nothing about hair at all. After a few weeks of burying the memory (I apparently did not bury this deep enough); I colored a streak in my hair with a highlighter. I had really blonde hair so it showed up real well. Nothing was ever said to me. Also, other people started doing the same and they weren't scolded. So moral of the story is if you are going to scold one, scold all. Also, if it's Halloween and it's temporary hair dye. Let it go.

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